FOW Series Fuel Filter for Solids Removal Only
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Parker Velcon FOW Series
Fuel Filter Cartridges for Solids Removal Only

Provide Protection Against Solids in Pre-Mixed Fuel Containing Anti-Icing Additive

FOW Series Fuel Filter Cartridges for Solids Removal Only - Data Sheet #VEL1975


- CONDUCTIVE END CAPS and end cap adhesive reduce static charge within the vessel.
- O-RING SEAL minimizes the possibility of bypassing contaminated fuel.
- RUGGED CONSTRUCTION provides collapse strength exceeding 175 psi differential pressure.
- Recommended changeout: 25 psid
- One-half (1/2) micron filtration rating
- Can be used in fuels containing anti-icing additives (DiEGME, FSII, Prist®)


The Parker Velcon FOW cartridges are designed to provide superior performance and reliability in standard fuel filter housings through a unique combination of media that removes solids that may be present in the fuel, and 
provides for reduced static charge.

The cartridges have injection molded endcaps that are bonded to the media with an O-ring seal on the mounting nozzle.

As the cartridge removes dirt from the influent fuel there will be an increase in the pressure differential along with a decrease in flow rate. These changes are the result of flow restriction caused by dirt accumulation within the media. Cartridge changeout frequency will depend on the volume of solid contaminants present.

The FOW Series Cartridges incorporate features that quickly dissipate electrostatic charge across the cartridge. This is in response to the new requirement by industry to reduce static charge within the filter monitor.


- 175 psid (12 bar) collapse strength
- 160°F maximum operating temperature
-Recommended changeout differential pressure = 25 psid
- Daily draining of monitor vessel and of water bottoms upstream of the elements is IMPERATIVE.
- For service life information, please refer to Operating Procedures or consult your company fuel handling procedures.

Performance Characteristics
Changeout Pressure Differential (PSI) 25
Changeout Pressure Differential (Bar) 1.72
Collapse Pressure (psi) 175
Seal Material Buna-N
Filter Type Commissioning
Application Aviation
Brand Velcon

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